Why Upvel

Modular Wi-Fi With Seamless Coverage

begin with one. then add more as necessary; our systems allow your network to grow as your office or home grows

Accessible From Anywhere

we offer a convenient app for iOS and Android so that you can control your Upvel devices from your phone, from within your house or remotely

A Foundation For A Smart Home

fast, reliable Wi-Fi equipment with redundancy that we provide means your home or office will be ready for any other features that you add in the future

Superior Cyber Defence

for your security on the web, Upvel equipment by default has anti-malware capability that is easy to set up

Parental Control

to ensure that your child stays safe on the internet, you can select parental controls on our routers

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Upvel routers mean that you can simultaneously connect to multiple providers and separate your traffic